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What is the Rotator Cuff

Rotator cuffs are a set of muscles and tendons that enables key arm movements. Located in the shoulders, the muscles of the rotator cuff are involved in lifting, pitching, reaching, therefore a rotator cuff injury may affect your everyday considerably… or not!



Rotator cuff illustration


Some recent studies done with MRI showed that 24% of patients evaluated had a completely asymptomatic rotator cuff tear while this was the case for 38% of those aged 70 or over. In fact, a study on dead human bodies demonstrated that half of the population had a tear in rotator cuff. Obviously, the incidence also increased directly with age.

In the present website, we’ll only be discussing painful shoulders – cases without pain nor limitation in activities are not sent to me. Only bear in mind that such asymptomatic cases can degenerate in pain if the tear progresses in size. Also, a massive and chronic untreated tear of rotator cuff can aggravate and cause an advanced shoulder arthrosis which is a much more complicated problem to solve.


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