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Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms

Symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include pain in the front and side of the shoulder that increases with over head activity.

Therefore, work involving repetitive movements above the head may be difficult.

A tennis player may have difficulty serving.

At the day-to-day level, you may experience pain while getting yourself dressed (when putting on a bra) or when sleeping on the sore shoulder.

We will call a traumatic rotator cuff tear when it follows an injury. When it comes from an untreated tear or wear, it is a degenerative rotator cuff tear. Both diagnosis can be done by a physician at the clinic, but an MRI will confirm the tear and its exact location.

Patients aged 40 or over with a recurrent dislocated shoulder, a tear of the rotator cuff will not be diagnosed, as opposed to a young patient whose recurrence will be caused by either a labrum detachment or a Bankart Lesion.

Once a rotator cuff tear diagnosed, it needs to be treated.


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