Rotator Cuff Injury: Symptoms, Exercises & Repair by Dr Cherif Tadros
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Rotator Cuff Surgery Procedures

Rotator Cuff Repair Procedure

Rotator cuff operation by Dr Cherif Tadros

Rotator cuff operation by Dr Cherif Tadros

Surgery consists of fixing the rotator cuff back to its place.

How to repair a rotator cuff depends on the extent of the tear. Indeed, arthroscopic surgery will be preferred as it only requires little incisions for the camera and the operating but an open rotator cuff repair is required when the tear is extensive.

When the pain is caused by a lack of space for the uppermost tendon, called the supraspinatus tendon, between the acromion and the top of the humeral head (the top shoulder bones of the rotator cuff), an acromioplasty is also performed to allow more space for the shoulder to move. The bones pinching the tendon repetitively leads to a chronic shoulder impingement syndrome, which is one cause of the rotator cuff tear injury.

A rotator cuff operation last around 2 hours.


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