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Recovery from Rotator Cuff Surgery

First thing to consider in Rotator cuff recovery is to have the shoulder completely at rest, immobilised as much as possible in a sling for a certain period of time.

From 80 to 95% of the patients are satisfied with a simple surgery: the pain is relief, shoulder is back in function and it can move more extensively. However, various reasons may lead to less enthusiastic results such as the quality of the patient tissues, a massive tear, a bad follow-up from the patient on the rehab measures or simply the patient’s age.

Possible complications post-surgery are nerve damage (1-2%) mostly to the axillary nerve, infection (1%), deltoid detachment (less than 1%) mostly in case of an open surgery (I never seen such complication with mini-open surgery or arthroscopy), rotator cuff re-tear. As for ankylosis (less than 1%), early rehab would prevent such complication.


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