Rotator Cuff Injury: Symptoms, Exercises & Repair by Dr Cherif Tadros
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“Dr Tadros has performed arthroscopic surgery on my knee. After a week I can walk without crutches or cane. I am more than pleased with the results. I would rate him a 10 on 10.”

Pierre Colas


“Dr Tradros, performed surgery on a badly broken collar bone in a private clinic (Rockland MD). The surgery was preformed on the date of my choosing, Dr Trados was present from the pre op to the end I can only describe the whole experience with Dr Tadros as the best medical treatment I have ever received the surgery was a complete success.”

Ron Kulisek


“This doctor saw me after another doctor in Montreal insisted that I needed an operation for my fractured arm near my shoulder. Dr. Tadros told me that an operation was not necessary and he was right. It has been a year now and my arm moves very well. I went through physiotherapy and recuperated well beyond my expectations. Thanks to this marvellous doctor who took the time to study my case and give me adequate treatment. He saved me an operation and much pain. Merci beaucoup. “


“I had surgery at Rockland for my shoulder. 5 star service and quality. Dr Tadros is kind, human and an excellent surgeon. I suffered for years and the pain was almost gone a week after surgery. the only problem that once you have tasted this kind of care, you can never return to the public system.”


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